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Update History
Since Dec 23, 2003
Update (August 7th, 2010) by Pikachu:

Well, it's been about five months since the last update, so here we go. Much has happened so I'll give the low down.

First off, I would like to mention that the YoshiArt Forums have new forums! You can check out the new by clicking on the left-hand side where it says "YoshiArt Forums." Or, take the lazy method just by clicking here. Either way though, make sure to update those bookmarks! The old forums will close on August 31, 2010.

Existing members: Please be sure to register your new username AS SOON AS POSSIBLE or ASAP for short. YAF did NOT "reserve" names and will NOT transfer your old account to the new YAF. Save any profile things (Such as avatars and signatures) from the old forums and transfer them to your new account. You will need to re-register but it should be no problem.


If you have any threads from the old forums that you want saved, please save them now. Don't wait until the last minute to do so because you never know. *Clears my voice.*

Now on to the main site. 14 new images were added to the Pics Gallery, mostly official Nintendo artwork.

If you have anything to donate, please contact me via YAF Personal Message (PM) by clicking here. Don't have an YAF account? Why not sign up then? It's free and you can do more than donate like post and meet other Yoshi fans!

Finally, I am working on something for YAF. What is it you may ask? Well, I'm not going to give it to you here. You're just going to have to wait and see...

Alright, I'm done. I'll see you all in the next update.


(Pasted here by the person who has your Soul)

Update (March 3rd, 2010) by Pikachu:

If this thing makes it up to the front page, then that means the 2009 Secret Santa made it in! Woo-hoo!

Anyways, apologies for being 2 months late. I thought I sent in the Secret Santa code in to an admin. Hm, must have gotten lost. Anyways, yes, we finally got the Secret Santa gifts in. You can find it here.

I would like to give special thanks to YoshiAgent, Newt and Yoshi_of_Earth for helping me with this event. Lets give them a round of applause.

Like the gifts and want more? Why not register to the forums for more?

Speaking of the forums, I would like to congratulate Nick for being admin. I'm sure he will do a great job.

If there's any content you want on the main site, feel free to send me a PM and I'll see what I can do. I make no promises that it will be on the main site.

Wow, that's a lot. I should end it here. Until the next update by me...


(pasted here by: Soul)

Update (November 11th, 2009) by Pikachu:

YoshiArt Forums' 3rd Official Secret Santa

Hey there. This is your favorite Pokemon, Pikachu with another front page update. I would like to announce that YAF's 3rd Secret Santa is now here! If you're interested, find out more about this wonderful event here.

While you're at it, why not check out the YoshiArt Forums as well. We have plenty of nice people. =)

Let the holiday season begin!

~Pikachu and his four crazy helpers

PS: I'm actually using HTML! Woo-hoo!

(pasted here by: Soul)

Update (July 13th, 2009) by Mafioshi (& Pikachu):

Hello once again... Hello? HELLO? *crickets chirping*

Yes, it has been awhile since the last update to the site. Almost SIX MONTHS. What has been going on, you ask? (or not, if you've stopped visiting >_> ) While I can't speak for Soul personally, I know he has barely enough time nowadays for the internet in general, after taking on a full time job. I have also become increasingly involved in work, and to be honest, other things online. It has made me fall behind with matters involving YoshiArt, including updating the site.

There once was a person, in the "younger days" of YA, who was so dedicated to the site and the people who call it home, that he organised one of the best events this forum & site has ever had, and took care of things while Soul was busy, and I wasn't quite up to the task. He is a great friend to everyone that knows him, and I only wish I hadn't messed things up between us, for right now this site may be updated the right way. I know he's out there, and I hope he's doing well. I am no webmaster, i know this. I don't deserve the privilege of updating this site, because frankly I haven't been. If you're still out there, my friend, I want you to know that YA is, and has always been, your home. The job is yours if you still want it. YoshiArt...

NOW, onto the Update Content...

Our all around favorite Pokemon, YAF Global Mod Pikachu, has been kinda enough to provide a very nice bit of content for an update:

If you are reading this from the YA's main site, then this means that Mafioshi was nice enough to copy and paste this from the note I gave him.

Anyways, greetings to you all. I'm Pikachu, your friendly Pokemon in the YAF forums, which was converted about a few months ago.

It's been about 5 months since the front page has been updated. Bad Mafioshi, bad! Anyways, what I have for you all is some wallpapers. What are they you may ask? I'm not listing them, so I highly suggest check out the wallpaper section located to the left.

Anyways, that's all the updates and what not. I hope that I'll get more content for you all to enjoy. And Mafio, make sure you don't lose my stuff. x(


No, Pika, I didn't loose it. :P
Without further adieu, please see the Wallpapers Section for the new content. Maybe you've already seen it. Now you know where you can always find it. ;)

If YOU have some content to send, see THIS link. That is where Donations should be sent. ;)

I'll try not to let 6 more months go by before we have another update. Until nextime!


Update (February 26th, 2009) by Mafioshi:

Hello again YoshiArt Visitors & Members. I apologize for not having made any updates the past couple months. But sadly, that is because there has been nothing to update. Soul was still in the proccess of testing the forum converter, which had failed several times. Finally, after half a dozen attempts, and countless hours, the forums were successfully converted, and are NOW up and running. You can see them by following the link on the side menu, or by clicking HERE.

For our Forum Members, I ask for your patience over the next month or so, as we all get settled into the new forum, and I can talk with the rest of the Staff about new features and additions to the forum. For members who cannot log in, if you had a yahoo account, there may be a problem with the "Reset Password" email reaching you. ALSO, remember that your log in is now what ever your last DISPLAY name was on the old forum, NOT your old username. They are now the same.

There was a donation sent in via email last week of two new Yoshi pictures, which will be added in our next update. There was also someone who had sent me a donation in the forum by PM, but after the conversion, not everything in my Inbox transfered. I believe it was for music or something. If you're reading this and it was you, try sending it again, but using THIS link. That is where Donations should be sent. ;)

If you have any questions, you can always email me: mafioshi@2yr.net

Update (November 21st, 2008) by Mafioshi:

Greetings YoshiArt Vistors and Members! Mafioshi here to make an update! As many of our forum visitors know, I have created an opinion poll to see how th members feel about what is going on at YoshiArt and what they feel should change. I made this poll with the intent that both YA members and YA site visitors could take it, so we could get opnions from both sides of the site. With that in mind, if you're a regular site visitor, or even if you're new, take a few minutes to fill out the survey and let us know what you think!
YoshiArt.com Opinion Survey

In other news, the poll in YAF about which new forum system we should go with has been going on since September. So far it seems the majority of users prefer PHP 3 to SMF.

That's all for now kiddies, Until Next time!


Update (September 21st, 2008) by Soul:

The forums were successfully moved to the new server, the morning of September 12th. To all who donated, or were willing to donate but couldn't, thank you so much. YAF now has two years of hosting fully paid, plus money left over to cover part of the hosting renewal cost two years from now. According to a survey I made, the forum's performance has improved for the vast majority of our users.

But it does not end there. Currently, the next step is to make a detailed poll about which forum system is best according to our forum users' opinions, out of the two chosen candidates: Simple Machines Forum (SMF), and PHPBB 3.0. The poll will include many screenshots of both forum systems, fully skinned and set up exactly as they would look if they were to be put in place.

Lastly, this site will now be updated at least once every two months. By now, it is obvious that we can no longer keep up the old "once every month" pace. Sorry, but it will have to be this way.

Update (July 30th, 2008) by Soul:

I have added Corybell's new subtitled version of part three of the Mario anime. It has been appended to parts 1 & 2 into a single, 95 MB file.

The forum conversion itself was a success, BUT in the end it was in vain because our server could not keep up with the new forum software. We were hoping it would solve the long-standing problem with high CPU usage, particularly since the old system is Perl-based, and the new system is PHP-based. but as it turns out, the new software uses a lot more CPU. Sigh.

Regardless, the current plan is to raise money for a second hosting account dedicated exclusively to the forums. Mafioshi and I are talking about how to do this in the best possible manner.

I realize I skipped the update for June, sorry about that.

Update (May 31st, 2008) by Soul:

I have added an exciting subtitled version of the first two parts of the Mario anime, kindly donated by Corybell. Also, a far better translated version of this image in the comics section, donated by Pimmy. And finally, one new image of Yoshi, this time in Mario Kart Wii, donated by forum member Tails.

Thanks so much to all three, for spending their valuable time making the site better for everyone!

By the way, we're still working hard on the forum conversion, and so far, it appears that it is imminent. It could begin anytime! The new forum system will be PACKED with useful new features.

Update (April 30th, 2008) by Soul:

Hi there,

There will be no content updates for the month of April, but that's only because we're hard at work redesigning the Yoshi Art Forums (YAF) completely with a whole new and modern forum system, with tons of new features. All of this will be rolled out at the same time; That is why the forum right now still looks the same as it always has. But a very major change is coming within a month. Once this huge project is out of the way, we will resume making content updates.

Thanks to everyone who has donated something; We have not forgotten you, we're just really busy right now with the "forums" part of the site.

Update (March 23rd, 2008) by Soul:

Hello all,

It is me, Soul. I have decided to take over for a while. I am restructuring the whole site, upgrading it and preparing it for the future. I have a number of ideas in my head for a few surprises, which I will not discuss yet because I still have to figure them all out.

Today I have added some long-due content. I have added screenshots of Yoshi in Smash Bros. Brawl, and a few official artworks (25 images total). Also added were 2 animated gifs; Both are the same one, but one has double the number of frames. And finally, I also added 5 new wallpapers.

As always, all of the new content can be easily identified with the "New!" gif next to it.

If you find any official Nintendo artwork that is not on our site, please be sure to send me a link to it! Thank you very much for your continued interest =)

Update (February 1st, 2008) by Mafioshi:

Well, today is the first of February and just as I promised I have come to make a content update.

First off we have some Videogame mp3s kindly donated by forum member Cryoshi. There are two new additions to the library, the first being Yoshi's Island: DS. This set comes right from the hand-held version of Yoshi's Island for the Nintendo DS, and features all new music for the entire game. Having never played the game yet, I was expecting them to be very similar, if not the same, to the music from the original Yoshi's Island (SNES). I was surprised to find that the DS music was similar, but entirely different from the original. So, enjoy that collection from another classic entry in the Yoshi series. =D

The second set of mp3s added are from Yoshi Touch & Go, another game for the Nintendo DS. It features baby Mario once again with some interesting game play, involving making clouds on the bottom screen to guide baby Mario as he falls from the sky on the top screen. I can't say much else as I've never played that before either, but if you like it and want the songs that go with it, they are there for you.

You can find both sets, as well as all our other mp3s here: Videogame mp3s

And finally I have a couple Wall Papers Wall papers donated by [insert name here]. (I can't for the life of me remember who sent them. XP ) The first new one is a Nintendo Original art work for Yoshi's Island: DS, featuring almost the full Yoshi color spectrum, and comes in three sizes. The second picture is also from YI:DS. You can find them near the bottom of this page: Yoshi Wallpapers Look for New!.

Hope everyone has a great February, and a Happy Valentine's day! Until next time...

Forum Update (January 8th, 2008) by Mafioshi:

HAPPY NEW YEAR! *bricked for being a week late*

Yes, I know, New Years day, and the first of the month of course, was LAST Tuesday. I missed the chance to wish a Happy New Year on the proper day, and to make an update as well on the proper day too. Among a few New Years resolutions, I'm going to make Updating on the 1st of the month one of them. If you've made one, I hope you'll stick to it! Going by what Dino Dude mentioned last year, 75% of people will have given up by the end of this month. Surprising?

I had planned to upload a couple new wallpapers from Yoshi Island DS, but then I wanted to upload mp3's as well. I've decided to make a big-ish update for February ON TIME, since I lazily forgot this month. What a way to start the new year, huh? (BAD Mafioshi, BAD!)

In other news, for the past few months, Head Admin Soul, Forum Admin GameFreak38, and Site Admin Mafioshi (myself xD) have been discussing the possibility of changing to a new forum software. Progress has been slow in getting it done, however, due to real life commitments on everyone's part. The Global Moderators have been learning to use the new forum software at a mock up forum set up by former Admin Dino Dude. The new forum is most likely going to be using Simple Machines Forum software. It was chosen because it was the only free forum software that had a converter for YaBB 2.1, our current forum software, and it would also make an easy upgrade to PhpBB 3.0 when it is released out of beta.

We're hoping that a switch to a more stable forum software may reduce drain on the server, and hopefully help to avoid those nasty "CPU QUOTA EXCEEDED" mesaages that pop up a couple times a month from the site being so active during peak times. If the new forum does not work to reduce CPU usage, our only other alternative would be switching website hosts, an option we'd rather try to avoid.

So, I hope everyone had a good New Years, and enjoyed your vacation time. (If you're still in school that is. Those of us out of school had to work. =[ ) See you next month.

Forum Update (December 25th, 2007) by Mafioshi:

Merry Christmas to everyone out there who celebrates this wonderful holiday of giving and family. I hope Santa paid a visit to those good boys and girls out there. I know Santa Yoshi paid US a visit last night!

Yes, Yoshi Art's Second Annual Secret Santa gift exchange has finally arrived. For those unfamiliar with the event, members in the forum signed up around November to participate in an Artistic Gift exchange, in which members were secretly paired up. Each participant was to make a form of artistic gift for their 'Santa', which could have been a form of drawing, or a written work, as many of our members are more adept at writing than drawing. Then, around December 20th, members were to turn in their gifts to Forum Admin GameFreak38, who in turn handed them over to me for upload and display on the site. And finally, here they are: YA Secret Santa 2007

A big Thanks to everyone who participated in the event, and an even bigger Thanks to GameFreak38 for organizing the event. We couldn't have done it with out all of you! I hope everyone's day is filled with great fun and joy.

Update (December 1st, 2007) by Mafioshi:

Season's greetings Yoshi fans! It's that month of year again when many families around the world prepare for the holidays, whether it be Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Buying presents, gathering with loved ones, remembering things past, and helping those in need. Tis the season? Perhaps for many it isn't. This time of year is just like any other, except lines are long, roads are congested, and everyone scrambling around in a rush for this or that. Then comes that one day of the year when everything seems to shut down. Shopping malls. Grocery stores. All closed for one day. Some places remain open for business because they never take a vacation, such as Movie Theaters, or the drug store down the street.

So, with December upon us expect things to get busy, congested, and just plain chaotic. Tis the season to be crazy...

For an update this month I've finally done what I've promising to do, and that is get the ENTIRE Super Mario Anime up for download. Yes, I finally pulled everything together. I wasn't able to convert the files to a more global format, so .avi will have to do. Using a different codec and a program known as VirtualDub© I was able to reduce the files a little bit, and on top of that I was able to add YoshiArt's logo to the videos. Now if the anime gets rehosted on another site *coughyoutubecough*, we'll at least receive the credit. You can download the complete anime, found under the Downloads menu on the side, first selection.

Seasons Greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and everything in between...

Update (November 1st, 2007) by Mafioshi:

Here we are again, another month, another update to make. For those of you that celebrate the holiday known as Halloween, I hope you aren't feeling sick from all the candy you ate! I'm too old to dress up in a costume and go trick-or-treating, so I got not candy. I was actually working last night. (I was the one selling the candy. =P How ironic, huh?)

I've got a couple thing to update this month. First of all, the 2nd Annual YoshiArt Secret Santa is already in full swing. It's too late to sign-up, as I believe the deadline was Oct 31st or Nov 1st. However, if you'd like to read what is invloved, and who has signed up, click here. GameFreak38 is still in the proccess of pairing people up, so those of you that have joined, stay tuned for an update on the forum. For everyone else who'd like to see what last year's Secret Santa participants created, you may click here.

I think that about wraps it up for this update. Hopefully very soon there will be a very big update to be made regarding somethings around the forum, and Yoshiart.com in general. I can't say what exactly, but it could be big. Stay tuned...

Update (October 1st, 2007) by Mafioshi:

I've got a small update this month, but a good one nonetheless. I recieved a few new wall papers from YA Forum member Pikachu. One is of Yoshi from Mario Hoops, and three of Yoshi from Yoshi Topsy Turvy. You can view them in the Wallpaper download section.

I am still in the proccess of uploading the remaining Mario Anime parts. To speed things along, if anyone knows of a video editing program that can read & edit (even just convert) .avi files to other formats, that would really help me with uploading, and allow more users to play the videos without downloading anything off-site.

As always, thanks to everyone for their support, and if you have any comments, questions, you may reach me by clicking here. If it is about donations, you can reach me by clicking here.

Update (September 26th, 2007) by Mafioshi:

I really need to start updating on a monthly basis...

Starting now, I'll try to update on the first of every month, even if it is to just say that I made an update (Though normally I'll try to have something to add or update, even if it is current events in the Forum.)

So, anyways, I have a big update to make right now. I have put the first 3 parts of Super Mario Anime on the site for download. There are a total of 7 parts in all, broken up to save individual download time, Though I may also upload a zip folder with all parts.

PLEASE NOTE that they are NOT encoded to work with Windows Media Player as of this time. I recommend downloading VLC Media Player to play them, if you don't have a suitable player already.

I have also created a New! Section for just the Anime downloads. You can find it on the side menu.

Look out for the remaining parts of the soon-to-be COMPLETE Super Mario Anime...

Update (August 10th, 2007) by Mafioshi:

I have received a ton of emails from various people about the Super Mario Anime. I know that there are many, if not dozens of, people who are hosting the video on Youtube. I actually have the entire thing downloaded from a file that YA Forum member Cryoshi put on a file sharing site. It is only viewable by using a program that I have to download. After I do that, I must figure out a way to encode the video so that it can play on standard media players.

Thanks to everyone who sent me an email, I appreciate the info. Emails about where the Anime can be found are no longer necessary. However, if you or someone you know would like to translate the rest of the Anime for me, and receive credit in the video and on our website, you can email me here.

BIG UPDATE (July 13th, 2007) by Mafioshi:

After over two months of no updates, I have come to make a big one...

First, I would like to congratulate three forum members on their promotion to Global Moderator. Masakuni, Plebanshiren, and Yoshi Lover have earned the respect of many forum members, and have shown their dedication to the Yoshi Art Forums over the course of their Membership. To find out more about this, you can click here to read the forum topic.

Secondly, I would like to introduce our NEW Games Section Admin. Well, he isn't an Admin per-se, but he is in charge of updating the Games Section, and he is a Global Moderator on the forums. I think he has some big plans for the section... I'll let him introduce himself. You can read his first Update in the Games Section by locating it on the side Navigation Bar, or by clicking here.

Third, and more importantly, I have some unfortunate news...
Many members and friends of Dino Dude have noticed that he has not been on the forums in over 2 months, and coincidentally has not been updating the main site as well. A few of his closer friends, including myself, have tried to reach him over the last couple months, but our messages have not yet been answered. The only thing I can give as a reason for his absence is that he is taking care of some things off-line that require all his time.

In a related issue, Sometime before Dino Dude left, he had mentioned to Soul that he wished to step down as Admin of the main site, at least that is what I have heard from Soul recently. As a result, I have begun preparations to take care of the main site in Dino's absence. I would like to state, however, that should he ever wish it, I would gladly give it back to him at a moments notice, because I feel that he did an excellent job maintaining it while he was here.

Now we come to my next big announcement. Since I am going to begin taking care of the main site and the forum, I know that I will definitely need more help with the forum. That is why I have decided to appoint someone else as a YA Admin/Forum Manager in addition to myself. In fact, I think he will be in the forums more than I will, so he will be a big help. He has shown his dedication to the forum and YA.com by being a big help, on both normal days and in times of need. That person, whom I trust very much, is GameFreak38. I'm sure he will do a splendid job in helping out the forum in the largest way possible...

And finally, without further adieu, I present my first update as a Site Webmaster. Although I am no where near as skilled as Dino Dude or Soul in web design, I have learned a lot through my time updating some things.

JDyoshi has provided the complete set of Mp3 music from the SNES game Yoshi's Island. You can find it by locating the Download category on the side navigation bar, then clicking "Video Game Mp3s", or you can just simply click here...


YA Forum Update (May 5th, 2007) by Mafioshi:

The YAF 1000 Member Art contest has finally been judged. To see the winners, click here

To see all entries, see the forum topic here. Soon, however, I hope to have all entries displayed on a main site page.

Stay Tuned for an Update!

Forum Update (March 12, 2007) by Mafioshi:


YAF has now reached a total of over 1000 members! This may not seem like very many compared to a lot of other forums, but for YAF, which has barely been around for a year and a half, this is big deal. Although, I must point out that, while we do have around 1000 people that have signed up, about a third of those members have never posted, and just under half of that number continue to visit and post on the forum regularly. If you are one of those members who have never posted, or haven't visited the forum in a while, why not stop in to say hi?

If you have never joined before, why not join now and be part of the fun? If you aren't sure if you want to, how about clicking HERE and browsing the forums to see all they have to offer.

Hope to see you there!

Update (January 31, 2007) by Dino Dude:

Well, I hope that you are all keeping to your New Year's Resolutions! (75% of people have given up by now, apparently, so well done if you're sticking with it!)

Lots of little updates for you this time! I've added:

  • 1 new MP3 - teh yoshi's truly awesome VG remix, Kaechi! Teochi! Yoshi!
  • 4 pictures by Ryan Power, of a beautifully designed Yoshi Snow Sculpture!! (Also added to Yoshi Pictures page.)
  • 2 new comic strips added to the comics page, donated by Anddo and Plebanshiren. Also a partial translation by Milun of one comic.
  • 1 new cartoon clip added, a rough translation of the 5-minute Mario anime done for us by Milun!

I am also working on a major surprise for YoshiArt.com visitors. I won't give a date, except to say it's coming along nicely and I hope to have this treat added very soon. Believe me, it will be worth it!

Thank you to Milun, teh yoshi, Ryan Power, Anddo and Plebenshiren for their generous contributions! And thank you to all our regular visitors! I hope you'll stick with us in 2007 and may 2007 be better than even 2006 for all of us!

Secret Santa Update! (December 31, 2006) by Dino Dude:

Merry Christmas, Everyone & A Happy New Year To You All!

I am pleased, AT LONG LAST, to present to you... the YoshiArt.com Secret Santa Section!! Please nobody shoot me - I know it's a little late folks! >_< Unfortunately for moi, when I went away for Christmas, taking my laptop with me to allow me to make this one special update to YoshiArt while away, I didn not plan for the 'Law of the Sod' taking effect: my laptop's power cable shorted/fried out on me and was totally wrecked. No laptop or internet for 10 whole days! :/

But I hope the lateness is made up for in you enjoying all these fantastic pictures and stories everyone did! Please feel free to follow the link below, and then to the YoshiArt Forum Topic about it where you can leave your comments and feedback!

I DID plan on having something VERY special to share with you all as a special Christmas treat but due to certain events (see above), it's been delayed a little. Watch this space for more information coming soon!!

Update (December 15, 2006) by Dino Dude:

The new Cartoon Section is taking a lot longer to prepare than I first thought it would. So I have decided to roll out the update to the cartoons section in stages. I decided to go ahead and put it online as a "work in progress," so you can all at least see and enjoy what's in there so far. I hope you'll enjoy it! I'd welcome your feedback and comments!

So... what's new in this update?

Credit must go to Zerchy, from YoshiArt Forums, for finding and sending in high quality versions of the Super Mario World cartoons. I then re-encoded these at a lower resolution that was more suitable for download. (Thanks, Zerchy!)

Over the coming weeks I plan to add more High Quality cartoons, and hopefully Windows Media versions too, if possible. The old cartoons page will stay online for the time being though, until the new one is ready to replace it.

Important Note: YA is celebrating Christmas with the Secret Santa Event! Before Christmas, I will be posting everyone's pictures and stories to each other here at YoshiArt.com, so please keep coming back to check for new updates, Secret Santa pictures, and new cartoons! :) And as alays, feel free to write to me, I always love to hear your feedback about this site!

Mario Anime Clips! (November 17, 2006) by Dino Dude:

Today is another important milestone for YoshiArt. As of today, we've now received 400,000 hits to our main page! I want to thank all our loyal site visitors for helping us to achieve this important milestone through your regular visits. And this comes only a couple of weeks after we welcomed our 700th member to the YoshiArt Forums! (Have you joined yet? If not, don't be shy - friendly Yoshi fans are waiting to greet you!)

Meanwhile, work continues on a major revamp to the Cartoons section, but I couldn't let this milestone pass without being noted, so to mark this special occasion I have made another small, but exciting update: I was lucky enough to find a couple of video clips of the very, very rare Mario Anime, and have uploaded these to the Cartoons section for you to enjoy. I hope you like them! It's just our little way of saying "thank you!" :-) (Just scroll down to the bottom, you'll find them..)

Forum Update (November 8, 2006) by Mafioshi:

This is my first main site announcement as a Yoshiart.com Admin, I sure hope it looks okay... :\

Any ways, I have great news regarding forum management. After several weeks of deciding, and consideration, YoshiArt forums now have 3 new Global Mods! Miles Tails Prower, Yosh_7, and ABYAY are our newest Global Mods. You can read the announcement topic by CLICKING HERE

I'm sure that they will do a great job! Congradulations, guys!


Update (November 1, 2006): by Dino Dude:

Well, I promised an update on November 1st, so here it is! It's not as big an update this time, but I can promise there will be a major update sometime during the next month (we're working on a major revamp of the cartoons section!)

For this update, I've added three very nice custom-designed wallpapers, kindly donated by DaRedYoshi. These are the three you can see at the bottom of the page. Thank you very much for donating these, DRY!

I've also added four very beautiful Video Game Remix MP3s from OCRemix. I may add more of these in a future update as there are some very beautiful remixes out there. I really like the four I added in this update and I very much hope you will too!

Important Notice: Big Change in YoshiArt Management

For the past five years (2001-2006), this site has been under the dedicated care of Soul, YoshiArt's Founder. Because of his increased workload and busier life, Soul has decided to split the administration of YoshiArt between three people, so that the site may continue to grow and prosper:

  • Dino Dude is now YoshiArt's Webmaster, in charge of updating the main site.
  • Mafioshi is now YoshiArt's Forum Manager, and Art Gallery Administrator.
  • Soul remains a valued contributor and technical aid to the site.


Major Update (October 16, 2006): by Dino Dude:

Due to heavy 'real life' commitments, Soul has asked me - Dino Dude - if I'd mind taking care of the YoshiArt.com website. As you can see, I accepted the challenge! I feel honoured to have been asked to do this, and I promise you all I'll give this site my very best whilst Soul is busy taking care of other things.

And boy, do I have a treat for you in this update! If you've ever checked out the Comics Section, you'll probably have noticed the beautifully-drawn Super Mario Adventures comic strips. You might even have wished there were more of them. Well, wish no more my friend, for your cries have been heard! Thanks to a marathon scanning session, all 13 strips - 112 pages - of this comic book are now online for your viewing pleasure. Check it out in the Comics Section, and enjoy! ^-^

The next update is planned for November 1st. I'm going to try my best to make updates twice monthly from now on. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or ideas. In the meantime, enjoy!

Update (September 30, 2006): by Soul:

This is just a tiny update. I added one new mp3, donated by Lorcan O'Connor (thanks!).

I apologize for the size of this update, but I'll tell you a little secret: Something really, really big might be coming next month... just wait and see if it happens ;)

Update (August 31, 2006):

Today I added a HUGE LOAD of new Mario cartoons. Download them here. And I also added a new videoclip, donated by yoshigod.

I will add even more of these Mario cartoons shortly. You will probably notice that on the episode page none of the new preview images are in place. I'm sorry but I had to leave the preview images for later, since I was barely able to make this update. However all of the links should be fully functional, and you should be able to download the new episodes with no problems (note that most of the new episode links are below the text descriptions, and not on the preview images). I also apologize (again) to all those who have sent in donations, especially mp3s. I will continue to try to find some time to add them as soon as possible. I've just had more work than ever, that's all...

Update (July 30, 2006):

Due to time constraints this month, I was only able to make a small update. This is probably the busiest month of the year for me. I apologize especially to the people that sent in donations and were hoping to see them added this month; I promise that I will add them in the next few months, if not in August.

The stuff I did add was: 3 new wallpapers, kindly donated by PALDg21.

Big update (June 28, 2006):

The forums were successfully upgraded, and now they are better than ever! Check them out. Also, I completely revamped the FAQs page: It was horribly messy and outdated.

This is the stuff I added today:

-3 'time attack' videoclips, by "yoshigod"
-A new font: "Mario and Luigi", by Luigimario17
-A new Mario Power Tennis wallpaper
-Several scans of a rare Japanese comic book, "Super Mario Kun", donated by Mystic Yoshi.

Update (May 31, 2006):

I added 5 new mp3s donated by Shez. Thank you Shez!

Also, a forum upgrade is set to occur on June 8 at night (use board's clock as reference). While the upgrade is in progress, the forum will be inaccessible. The upgrade may take all night long to complete. Also, once the upgrade is complete you may notice that the skin will be different. This will only be temporary.

Update (April 30, 2006):

I added a SSBM tribute video by Leoshi, and yet ANOTHER comic donated by Anddo! =D! Also, 5 new mp3s.

Late addition: There's a new Past Contests page.

Important Update (March 24, 2006):

Firstly and most importantly, I have launched a new gallery system! Now any Yoshi artist will be able to post his/her work at YoshiArt! Please check this thread at the forum for all of the details. Currently there are 11 new Yoshi artists in the new gallery! (gee, everything's new nowadays :P)

Also, I added two new things to the forum: A chat, and a scrolling news system. Unfortunately, due to recent abuse the chat will remain a forum-only feature.

Update (February 28, 2006):

I've added 1 new Super Mario World episode!

YoshiArt is now looking For Affiliates! That's right. If you own a high-traffic site, please contact me so we can trade affiliate links! My only requirements are: 1). That your site has to be related to video games, and 2). That it receives at least 75,000 page views per month.

Please email me if you are interested (and you have such a site).

First update of the year (January 28, 2006):

I added 1 new pic to Yesha's art gallery, and 15 new Yoshi pics, including one from Mario Strikers.

By the way, (Internet Explorer users only) have you noticed that you can revert back to the old layout colors by clicking on the top right corner where it says "Change Colors"? If you liked the old look, or if you prefer dark colors, (or whatever reason) you may find this feature useful. This feature also works in Mozilla, but only for the current page that is loaded. Once the site goes out of beta, I hope to have this feature fully working for all modern browsers, of course including Mozilla browsers.

If you're having problems logging in to the Forums, I suggest you download Mozilla Firefox and use it to post there... (link)

Uber-mega update! (December 8, 2005):

As you can see, today is the BIG day!! Version 3.0 of the site is now officially in place! I invite you to check it out! =) Ohh, I'm so excited about all of this n_n

Technically, the site will be in beta for a short time, as there are a few minor issues that need to be worked on. However, users will probably not notice the difference because it will be very small, thanks to massive alpha (in-house) testing from my part.

Send me your feedback! Please let me know what you think about the new site!

Update (November 28, 2005):

I added 13 new images to Yapi's art gallery, and also added one more Super Mario Adventures comic, also donated by Anddo (thank you!!). It is also an 8 page comic, just like the other ones.

Development of site version 3.0 continues. However, I've had to push the rollout date to December. This time, I'll make a promise: The new version will be ready before christmas. Currently it is approximately 65% complete.

Update (October 30, 2005):

Two new artists were added today! They are: Yesha, and Yapi. I also tossed in 3 more of my uncolored sketches in my black & white folder.

Development of version 3.0 is progressing smoothly. It is quite possible (though not promised) that it will be finished and rolled out in late November. I can't wait!! =3

Update (September 30, 2005):

Today I added one new Super Mario World comic from Nintendo Power [magazine], which is 8 pages long, and was donated by Anddo (Thank you!). Also, 7 new art pics by Anjil, and 3 by me.

Big, big changes are coming this fall to Yoshiart.com. It is time to do a major site revision, which I have been doing every 2 or 3 years. Currently this site is approximately at version 2.7 (I don't keep count of the revisions I make, but my guess is that it's around 2.7.22 or something). Version 3.0 is currently under development and will include a gigantic amount of improvements, for you as well as for me (for example, much easier to browse for you, much easier to administrate for me). Basically the entire site will be rewritten, and I promise that it will be all for the better. The site's 5th birthday isn't too far away! *parties all by himself* =p

Big update (August 16, 2005):

As promised, here's a big update. I added 80 new images to the pics gallery, many of which are high-res official Nintendo images (all of them of Yoshi, of course). Also, 6 new art pics by Anjil, and 1 by Norby, one that is truly a masterpiece. Also added a new comics section. Also, 6 new wallpapers, and per popular request, 2 more SSBM mp3s. I hope you'll enjoy the extra-juicy update.

Update (July 31, 2005):

I added 4 new pics to my black & white gallery, and 1 new (tiny) animated gif. I am sorry for the size of this update, but I promise that a big update will follow, with lots of high-res images of our hero.

Update (June 30, 2005):

Aight, time to update. I added 1 image to Norby's art gallery, 1 colored image and 5 black & white images to mine, 2 new links, info about Yoshi's voice on the Who is Yoshi page, and I revised the pics page (I categorized all image links in 5 sections, this makes it much easier to find what you're looking for).

Small update (May 30, 2005):

I added a new folder to my own gallery, called "non-digital". It contains 16 pictures of two things I did last year: A Yoshi figure, and a giant Yoshi footprint.

It may not have been too obvious until now, but Yoshiart.com does accept pictures of Yoshi art that is not digital in nature. It just needs to be good.

Update (May 25, 2005):

There's a new artist in the fan art gallery! His name: Norby. Also added were one new mp3, and one new SMW episode: Cave Christmas.

Whoops! Late update (April 30, 2005):

Whew, I ALMOST broke my monthly update promise! Well, let's see... Today I added 4 new images to Anjil's art gallery, 2 to TehYoshi's gallery, and 2 images to my own gallery, including a full-framed animation I did last year. Given that this update was quick and small, I would like to try to update twice in May to make up for it. So yes, there might be two updates coming for the next month.

Please don't forget that we're (That would be me and my site xD) always happy to hear what you think about the site and what things you would like to see on it. The more detailed your ideas are, the better! Got a great idea for the site? Tell me about it! (just please bear in mind that I may not be able to reply to all emails).

A generous update (March 20, 2005):

Today I added 14 new images to Anjil's art gallery, 8 to Toshi's gallery, and 1 image to my own gallery. I also added a new cursor, 24 new Yoshi pics (most of which are high-res), and also a new page: Who is Yoshi? (in case your parents want to know! :P).

Update (February 28, 2005):

Today I added 3 new images to Teh Yoshi's art gallery, 9 to Toshi's gallery, and 2 new Yoshi's Island mp3s. I also added an update to the games section by PinkFloydYoshi. I also deleted Koshizu's gallery (she asked me to do it). I also added a new link (which has been in place for a while actually) which points to a new site called "Digital Storm". And lastly and least importantly, I also added a journal to my "about me" page.

Late, yet BIG, update. (January 25, 2005):

I apologize for not updating in December. I've been working on setting up an additional server to host all the larger files, such as the mp3s and the SMW videos. That new server is now up and running. This means that I will no longer have to ocassionally cut the mp3 and SMW episode downloads to save bandwidth!

And, to make up for the update that should have occurred in December, today I have added more stuff than usual. Firstly and most importantly, today I am unveiling the new games section, which will be updated by our friend PinkFloydYoshi. It is more like a sub-site dedicated to cover everything about all Nintendo games that Yoshi has been in. (Of course, at the moment it doesn't have that much info, since it has just been opened. But it will, eventually).

There's also a new Yoshi art gallery: Art by Toshi. Aaaand, 5 new wallpapers. Oh yes! Also 1 new high-quality SMW episode!

Big update! (November 15, 2004):

I have added 80 new Yoshi pictures, and also 2 art pics by Teh Yoshi, 1 by Koshizu, and 6 by Anjil. I also replaced two low-quality SMW episodes ("A little learning" and "Mama Luigi") with high-quality versions by Bryan Mulheran.

New links, new high-quality SMW episodes (October 18, 2004):

This time I added 2 new sites to the links page; Also added was a first high-quality Super Mario World episode (Rock TV), also the SMW intro, and a much higher-quality version of "The Yoshi Shuffle". All high-quality episodes were donated by Bryan Mulheran. Thanks Bryan!!

New art gallery (October 11, 2004):

Today I added a new art gallery: Bryan Mulheran. Check out his awesome Yoshi Jet video!

Super Mario World episodes, fonts (September 27, 2004):

Today I added 5 Super Mario World episodes. I plan to add a bunch more in the next few updates. Hope you enjoy! And I also added two fonts to the downloads page: The Yoshi's Story font and the Super Mario Bros font. Expect more updates in the next few weeks!

Great news! (September 19, 2004):

This site will soon receive a huge donation of content from Yoshi Lore!! How did this happen, you might ask? Well, basically Yoshi Lore's admin, "Yellow Yoshi" stole a big part of my site's content and placed it for download on his site WITHOUT my permission, and then completely refused to remove it. (See the forums for details) So I decided to do the same with HIS content. =D This means that this site will receive substantial additions in the next few months! No more super slow browsing at Yoshi Lore!! Stay tuned.

Today I added 3 new pics by Anjil, and a new artist: Teh Yoshi.

Nutherrr update (August 12, 2004):

I added lots of stuff today! 4 new wavs from Yoshi's Island, along with 2 new mp3s. Also, 4 new art pics by Yoshirby (one is an animation), 1 by Koshizu, 2 by Anjil, and 1 by Karinda Yosheru. I also created a credits page (accessible through the FAQs/Siteinfo page).

Laaaaate update (July 31, 2004):

Woah! I almost missed the chance to update in July!! Sorry for the lateness, I was on vacation and I just came back a few hours ago o_O

This time I added 16 art pics by Anjil, 2 art pics by Koshizu, and 1 art pic by me. Also, 3 new mp3s!

*looks at counter* 100,000+ hits?? WOW!!!!! ^_^ I'd like to thank everyone who visits/has visited my site! Without you, this would have never been possible!! Thanks much!!!

Yet another big art update (June 19, 2004):

There are 12 new art pics by Anjil, and 4 by Koshizu. Also, 34 new mp3s, including 28 tracks from Yoshi's Story! (Thank you Mailtroid, you are so generous! =)

Another big art update! (May 18, 2004):

There are 6 new art pics by Anjil, 2 pics by me, and a new artist: Rob.

Mega art update! (May 5, 2004):

This time I added: 6 new art pics by Anjil, one pic by me, and a new artist: Koshizu.

New art pics! (Apr 18, 2004):

I added new artwork, by AnjilYoshi (Thanks Anjil!!).

I'm also thinking about updating at least once a month. I mean, I know I have been doing so lately... What I'm saying is I'm thinking about changing the "update when needed" policy with "update every month".

Update (Mar 19, 2004):

I added a new video, and 6 new wallpapers! (Thanks Mailtroid!)

New messageboard added (Feb 5, 2004):

I have added a messageboard, courtesy of Tim Yoshi! (Thank you Tim!)

More stuff added (Jan 13, 2004):

I added two new videos, and many mp3s! More stuff is coming.

Update (Jan. 1, 2004):

The move is complete! There is too much new stuff to list, so I recommend that you browse the entire site, every page has been revised, and/or received new content. Some of the things I added were: 1 new video, new wallpapers, lots of new pictures (about 180!) and Yoshi art by people other than myself! Also, the Yoshi voice mp3s have been upgraded to WAV format. I will soon be adding more full-length mp3s, not just Yoshi-related but from several different videogames. I would like to hear your opinion about what should be added to this site; Would a few Super Mario World episodes be of your interest? I want this site to be as useful to you as possible!

Update (Dec. 23, 2003):

Big changes are coming to Yoshiart.com this December and January! I'm currently slowly moving my site to a new, much better host. Hundreds of new Yoshi pics will be added, along with Art pics by other artists as well. Also, I will offer hosting for all Yoshi artists that meet certain criteria. Many items from this site that were removed when it was "closed" (such as the wallpapers) will be restored! The wallpapers are already up (there's a link in the downloads page). Stay tuned!

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