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Yoshi & Mario Links
Yoshi's Melon Patch.- Yoshi's melon patch has always had a professional-looking layout. Worth visiting.
Boo Mansion.- A really nice Mario website with a Luigi's Mansion theme.
Bowser Shrine.- A fan site dedicated to none other than Bowser (Also known as Koopa or King Koopa).

Other Links
Cheat Code Central.- Having a tough time getting codes? This site has tons!
VGmusic.com.- The LARGEST collection of video game midis. Virtually any song from any game!
MotorTrend.com.- A very good car magazine.
PETA kills animals.- Just one of many websites that fully exposes the cruel and deceitful organization known as PETA.
eBay.- This is a FANTASTIC site in which you can buy anything. If you have a collection of something, say stamps, coins, cards, or anything then eBay will be heaven for you! Warning: This site is guaranteed to make a huge hole in your wallet! If you know what I mean.
Progressive.com.- This is an auto insurance site LOADED with crash test videos. A must-see for any guy who loves destruction! xD
Off The Mark, by Mark Parisi.- I found this site really amusing, some of the cartoons there are hilarious!
KCL Productions.- This is the site of the group who made the Mario character costumes used in many Nintendo ads, among other things!
thinkgeek.com.- This is the l33t3st site out there!! Check out all the cool geeky items. If you love gadgets then you'll love thinkgeek.com!
anti-rice.com.- Do you hate rice, like me? Then you're in for some very good laughs at anti-rice.com! (Note: This has nothing to do with food!)

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