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A quick breakdown...

Platform Publisher/Developer Game Price Players
$29.99 [Amazon]
(Up to) 4

The next Smash Bros., a carry on from the original N64 version. Once again you can choose a character and beat up another! Adventure mode also allows a quest-type mode to play in, beating up the cast of Nintendo.

This game is I think is one of Nintendo's best 4-Player games. There's loClick for enlarged boxartts of things to do, including Tournament Mode, Event Matches, and much more features. The graphics are pretty good, too, making the characters and items high-detailed. It also has a wide selection of characters, old or slightly new. I just think that there could be a few more attacks.

Some features are collecting trophies by accomplishing something, defeating a mode with a character, collecting them on Adventure Mode, Classic Mode and All-Star Mode, and you can also put your earned coins in the trophy lottery. Another feature is that you can change how often items come, and which items come. You can also play around with it by changing the language. You can also change the music, earn stages, and complete event matches, which sets a certain goal that you have to reach.

Once you start playing this game, you probably won't stop.

Overall: Main Story: 8/10

Graphics: 9/10

Features: 8/10

Items: 7/10

Rating: 8.9

Burn baby, burn! Now is that really fair?

© 2007 Yoshi_Lover  

What others think


ABOUT THE GAME: The all star action fighting is back with a new look and some more new players! As you fight your opponents, you will play on crazy stages that have a lot more detail and some of your favorite past stages. In this game, the object of the game is to be the last one standing, have the most coins, or have the most points, depending on which mode you play on. There are also trophies you collect throughout the game. Can you collect all 300? This game is playable on the Nintendo GameCube System and playable up to 4 players. The controller(s) used for this game is the Nintendo Gamecube Controller.

CONTROLS: The controls arent a bit confusing at all. Even if every button has a function, these controls and very easy to master. Also, if you hold down a smash attack, you can charge it up and the damage will be even more devestating! The camera is also very good!

MULTIPLAYER: This game is playable up to 4 players and your favorite Nintento allstars are featured in this game such as Mario, Luigi, Peach, (strangely one of the best characters in the game.) Yoshi, Bowser, DK, and much more! You can play against each other, or you can play on teams. If you have no friends to play with, you can also put on CPU's, which you can set the level for 1 being the easiest, to lvl 9 being the hardest.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion to my review, this game is fun for everyone in your family, and easily addicting. I give this game a 5 out of 5!

GOOD POINTS: There are many good points! First to start off, the camera is just right, there are many playable characters to choose from, with abilities of their very own. You can collect trophies throughout the game, and some are rather rare and hard to get. (which is awesome!) The graphics are just amazing, no flaw in them! There are also a lot more items and your throws can actually go up and down and you can attempt a throw while moving. When you throw items, you can throw them up, down, left, or right, which is also another big help. The dodges featured in the game are controlled by the right trigger. Those can be a big help. There are also multiple colors to choose from, which make the experience even more fun!

BAD POINTS: There really arent any bad points to this game.


Overview: SSBM is a great 4-player game where many of Nintendo's characters get together to fight. It has no specific storyline, but you can unlock several characters and obtain many trophies. You can play by yourself against CPU's ranging from level 1 (easiest) to level 9 (hardest) and other fascinating stuff like the event matches, or you can play with three other friends to create a unique playing experience. Playing against other people provides the opportunity to use numerous strategies that CPU's cannot provide. Also, SSBM provides a variety of stages and different styles of gameplay that includes handicap, items, battle mode, and many other things. Overall, SSBM is a great game that you won't get tired of for a long time.

Controls: The controls are not too confusing, although new players might take a bit of time to memorize the different moves of different characters to use while playing. You can use almost every button (you only use the "up" part of the D-pad and not the other directions) and coordinate the moves to beat your opponents.

Characters: The characters all have unique moves, even though some characters share similar attack patterns (like Pikachu and Pichu), and they all have different speeds, from moving speeds down to the time it takes for the character to jump after you press the jump button. I'll list some popular characters and their characteristics.

-Marth: Personally, this is my favourite character. He has the longest hand-to-hand combat range due to his sword (along with Roy), and he is pretty fast. Because he swings his sword, his moves have a large attacking area. Also, his sword is not part of his body, so if he gets hit on the sword, it won't hurt him when he swings. He hits best on the tip of his sword, and that is the region where you have to hit your enemy while you're spiking.

-Fox: He has the shortest jump-lag time; after you press the button for jumping, it only takes one frame before Fox actually jumps. He is one of the fastest characters in attacking, but his moves are weak. People who use this character take advantage of his speed. Fox is also the only character I know who has an infinity.

-Falco: His moves are similar to Fox's, but they are stronger, although a bit slower. Falco's shine also throws the enemy up while Fox's throws the enemy away depending on the side you hit the enemy with. Falco’s down aerial is a spike, something Fox does not have. Falco players take advantage of his higher attack power.

-Sheik: She is one of the fastest characters, and she has the strongest aerials. She is the combo character, being able to use numerous combos to damage the enemy. Sheik players are able to juggle the enemies and finish them off easily. If you play as Sheik, take advantage of her speed and aerials.

-You can use other characters according to your preferences; they all have their strengths and weaknesses.

Moves: Every character has unique moves, but the buttons all have similar purposes. The "A" button is used for hand-to-hand combat, using hands, feet, or handheld objects like swords. Tilting the control stick in different directions will initiate different moves, and doing that in midair will perform even more moves. Slamming the control stick at a direction and pressing "A" will perform a smash attack. The "B" buttons are special attacks, and they differ according to the direction you tilt the control stick. "Z," "L" + "A," or "R" + "A" will do a grab, and you can hurt the enemy by pressing "A" or throw the enemy by tilting the control stick. These are attacking moves, but you can perform some defensive moves with other buttons.

There are also some advanced moves that take advantage of these attacks. I will list all that I know. Note that I'm assuming you know all the regular moves.

-Wavedash: This is a glitch that the game makers decided to leave in to create some interesting strategies. When used correctly, you can juggle enemies and perform combos. It is faster than dashing in most cases, and you can attack while wave dashing. To perform it, you must press the button for jump, but before the jump is actually initiated, you need to air dodge in a downward direction but also in a sideways direction. That will cause the character to slide across the stage in a puff of dust. If you do it too late, you will do a triangle jump, a slower form of wave dashing.

-Shufflc (pronounced shuffle): This stands for Short Hop, Up aerial (or any other aerial), Fast Fall, and L-Cancel. This is a fast way of doing aerials. I'll explain the moves that make up shufflc (besides aerial).

-Short Hop: Basically, it's just a tiny jump that you can do by barely pressing the jump button. Your character will jump about half or less than half of the normal jump.

-Fast Fall: By tilting the control stick down while falling from a jump, you fall faster. When you shufflc, you want to fall faster so you can do another aerial sooner.

-L-Cancel: When you do an aerial and land, you have a short lag time before you can do anything else. This eliminates that lag time. You need to press "L" right as you land from an aerial. A precise timing will eliminate all lag time, and incorrect timing will reduce the lag time. This is very evident when you L-Cancel Link's down aerial, so practice the timing with him.

-Directional Influence: When you are grabbed and thrown, you can tilt the control stick in a direction as you're thrown to be thrown in the direction you tilt the control stick. This helps to avoid juggling, and CPU's sometimes use it.

-Spiking: Certain characters have moves that send the enemy straight down or somewhere in that direction. If you use that on an enemy trying to get back onto the stage and send him/her flying down, it is a spike.

-Juggling: This is when you hit/throw your enemy upwards and keep hitting him/her as he/she comes down, so your enemy has no chance to really get on the ground and attack back. Usually, you can dash and attack, but wavedash is much better for chasing down enemies. Bonus-You can get points for this! =)

-Combos: This is similar to juggling, but you don't need to hit your enemy into the air. When you get hit by a strong attack, your character hits the ground and becomes invincible for a short time. Combos are when you hit the enemy before the enemy hits the ground and becomes invincible, and you can include juggling if you want to. Higher percentages require wavedashing as regular dashing is too slow when the enemy goes flying further.

-Edge-hogging: Only one character can hang onto a ledge at a time. If an enemy is trying to get back onto the stage, you can jump off and grab the ledge before your enemy does so your enemy falls helplessly down. Bonus-You can get points for this! =P

-Infinities: This is a move that Fox has that requires much precision and fast fingers. If you do it correctly , you can damage the enemy without giving him/her a chance to fight back. It is the ultimate combo. There are two forms of it, but I will only explain one. You need to shufflc a down aerial and immediately do his shine. You then wavedash out of the shine (yes, you can do that) and repeat the process. Since you wavedash out, you reach your enemy as he/she is landing so you can hit him/her again before the invincibility kicks in. But when you reach the end of the stage, you need to reverse it (which, I guess, makes it three forms instead of two).

-There's also this move that I do not know the name of, but when you press "L" as you land heavily from an attack, you will recover instantly, or if you tilt the control stick as you press "L," you will roll in that direction. This requires precision and it can help prevent juggling or combos.

-Well, these are all the moves that I can think of right now.

Conclusion: I'd say this game is great for many occasions where friends and family come together. It'll provide a nice challenge to beat each other. To get very good at this game, it requires patience and practice. I give SSBM a 5 out of 5, 10 out of 10, or 100%. =)

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