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>>> Super Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged - Wii

A quick breakdown...

Platform Publisher/Developer Game Price Players Control Wifi
Nintendo/Next Level Games
£29.98 (Amazon.co.uk)
(Up to) 4
Remote & Nunchuck
Friend Code System/Territory

A continuation from the previous game – Mario Strikers on GameCube – you choose your main captain and sidekicks and participate in tournaments held in the Kingdom to see who rules all.

Well, at first pass the only thing which got me to play this wasClick for enlarged boxart picture the fact it is WiFi-enabled. Asides from that it looked just like the previous Mario Strikers game on GameCube. Though it seems also kinda wierd how you play football with a remote and nunchuck attachment...

Anyhoo, at first I bet you start the game and are utterly clueless how flailing a remote will help you achieve domination in the main game mode, there are several tutorials in a tutorial-styled section, to help you get to grips with how everything works. Everything is in-depth and thorough, keeping you interesting in kicking the computer’s (and your friend’s) butt.
Once you are done with the tutorial, you can enter Domination Mode, or The Road to the Striker Cup. The only difference being that Domination mode is free-play styled and allows you to play against your friends, whereas the Road to the Striker Cup is the ‘main storyline’ or point) to the game, where you enter tournaments in order to win cups and so on.
Initially the computers are a piece of cake and you can walk right over them, even if you’ve hardly ever played before. As you continue through the tournaments, things start to get a bit tougher, and tougher, separating the men from the boys. The computers get really harsh and start beating the pulp out of you whenever you have the ball too, so you have to keep making fakes in order to pass them and stand a chance scoring.

So…how do you control?

Below is a map on where the controls are mapped onto the remote, if you find it useful. It looks a little wierd if you haven't played it, though when you do everything just seems to fit in and seem right.

[*] - Mega Shakedown - When your opponent is about to megastrike, shaking this while the charge-bar is up will megashake.

The WiFi

Mario Strikers is the first WiFi game for the Wii, with the obvious thing to do online being trashing your opponent in a set match. Though there's two different types available - friendly and ranked.
In Ranked mode, you play a 3 - game series with someone online anywhere in your territory - EG Europe - as otherwise it would lag too much. Whereas in Friendly, once you have exchanged friend codes with someone else who has the game you can set your own requirements/options for the matches and play them. Whether or not you can play people across the world I'm not too sure yet as it's only been released in Europe, though it probably wouldn't be reccomended as it lags enough in just one area.

On TV!

Well that's all I can think of to say...I've hardly really had a chance to play it so haven't seen much, though there are (apparently) unlockable stadiums and characters to keep you going, and the multi-player is really good, so it'd be a good idea to get this if you're after some fun in a group. Otherwise you can get bored of it kinda easy...

© 2007 Shez  

What others think


ABOUT THE GAME: Ahh yes, the good old Mario Strikers is back with a new addition. This time, its a football game. The graphics have improved, and those good Megastrikes are back as well. This game plays the same as Super Mario Strikers. This game is playable up to 4 players and you can only use the wii remote and nunchuck. this game is also the first to play on wi-fi. If you dont know what that means, that means you can play online with other users from around you world! Now lets get down to how the controls are.

CONTROLS: Wow...these controls look confusing. They make you use like, every button on the remote and the nunchuck. Im almost certain that when you master them, this game will be a lot more fun. The camera seems to work very well, like as the first one. Either way, this game sounds like it could give you a fun and exciting experience, whether you know the controls or not.

CHARACTERS: Not much is known about all the characters you can play as yet, but some of the basic ones I know that are going to be in there are Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and most likely all of the others from the last game as well.

MULTIPLAYER: What good would this game be without its multiplayer? Lets move on to that subject. In the multiplayer, you can also play in cups, sort of like a co-op. There is also the VS. mode, which should be an exciting experience. Thats all I know about Multiplayer, as of so far.

CONCLUSION: In conclusion to this review, this game sounds like everyone in your family can have a good time. I give this game, a 4 out of 5 for now. I just hope they add music to this one, unlike the super Mario Strikers.

GOOD POINTS: The graphics are amazing! the camera angle is just right, and those Megastrikes are back and better than ever!

BAD POINTS: Theres only one thing I have to say about the bad points. The controls. they seem very difficult to understand, and theres so many buttons to remember. I dont even know that much about football. Im pretty sure you can do the wrong thing without even noticing it.

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