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The YoshiArt Gallery

Yoshi Art has a great Fan-Art Gallery!

YA Gallery System

You can upload your own artwork directly to the YoshiArt.com site!
There are some requirements, however...

How to Join

1.- The minimum age for obtaining a gallery is 13, and you have to have basic computer & internet skills (knowing about file uploads, file formats, etc).

2.- You must first join the YoshiArt Forums and be there for at least a full month, and you must accumulate at least 100 meaningful posts. This is so we will know who you are and what your intentions are.

3.- While you do this, post at least 3 of your pics in the forum's Yoshi Art section.

Then, send the following information to Mafioshi:

1.- Your forum USER ID (MUST be the EXACT actual ID, and not the display name!)
2.- Your email address
3.- The THREE URLs to your posted art pieces on the forum (Mafioshi will not go look for them).

Once you do this, Mafioshi will check if you meet the minimum requirements, and he will send you a PM telling you if you were accepted or not.
Understand that Mafioshi cannot accept everyone who applies. His decision is based on certain artistic skills. If he feels you are not ready for a Gallery, take it only as constructive criticism, and continue to develop your talents.


Make sure your ID is written EXACTLY as it is on the forum. For example, if your user ID is "Fire_Yoshi" and you send "fire_yoshi" instead, Mafioshi will not find you and thus your chances of getting a gallery will become zero. Please provide the correct User name.

Gallery Features

The new gallery has the following features:

-It is a gallery for all serious Yoshi artists!
-You can upload as much as you want. (You can even upload some non-Yoshi pics!)
-The gallery interface supports many languages, including German, Spanish, French, etc.
-It has a user comment system! Other users can give feedback on each of your pics.
-Each image you upload can have its own title, description, and user comments.
-You can upload multiple images at once. No FTP skills are needed.
-You can create sub-galleries within your own album.

Gallery Guidelines

1.- Once you are in, you can upload as many pics as you want, anytime. Sprite comics are fine too.
2.- Do not upload images containing: excessive blood, outright cussing, drugs, guns being pointed to the viewer or other characters, etc.
3.- Please don't ever upload images with mature/adult content, or that are of a sexual nature (I know you won't, but I still needed to mention it).
4.- Please only upload either digital Yoshi artwork or pictures of real-life Yoshi artwork (i.e. figures, sketches, paintings, drawings, etc.). However,
5.- If you wish, you CAN upload unrelated images (i.e. vacation pictures, art pics of other Nintendo characters, etc), for as long as: a). You put them in a separate sub-album, and b). they do not exceed the number of Yoshi pics.
6.- Do not upload images that were not originally created by you, unless you have permission from the person that first created them. (Traced drawings are NOT considered original works, and are not acceptable).
7.- Please do not request a gallery if you only have 1 image to post. You must have at the very least 3. You must also meet the minimum artistic skill requirements, as determined by Mafioshi.

The order of the galleries will be based on pageviews: Galleries with higher pageviews will be moved up.

All artists that are accepted into the gallery have the right to have their forum ID turned to "Yoshi Artist" status.

You will have absolute control of your gallery, so if for any reason you don't want to see one or more of your pics there, you can delete them anytime.

I encourage gallery users to add comments to their pics. (Well, you don't have to, but it would still be nice)

The gallery seems to have a little bit of trouble with gif images. I recommend uploading your images in JPG or PNG format instead. (PNG looks much better than gif too). Please do not upload BMP files: They may be deleted by me without notice.

Please note that guest comments are disabled by default: Only registered users can add comments. If you wish to allow anyone on the internet to comment on your pics, and you are aware of the risk of doing so, contact me by PM and I will configure this for your gallery.

Please do not edit the gallery permissions; If you do, your gallery may stop functioning correctly.

For creating sub-albums, MAKE SURE you are inside your album before you click on "New Album".

Please be sure to SIGN OUT of your gallery once you are done using it for the day.

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