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Email the Admins

I always love to hear comments from fellow Yoshi fans about what they think of the site, but please bear in mind the following before contacting me: You should first read the FAQs page before emailing me. If you have a question, chances are it has already been answered on that page. This saves me time, because I don't have to keep answering the same questions over and over, and it saves you time because you don't have to wait for a reply.

I will NOT reply to your emails if:

-You are asking me to send you something that is already available through my site.
-You are asking me to do something for you, e.g. moderate a forum, co-run a website, etc.
-You sent me an email via AIM or the MSN member directory system.
-You sent me a chainletter, virus warning, or any other email that asks to be passed on.
-You are expecting me to email you on a regular basis.
-You did not provide your email address and/or you mistyped it (as obvious as it may seem, some people do forget)
-Your typing is too difficult to read.

You may NOT receive a reply from me if:

-You asked a question that is already answered in the FAQs page
-You asked a question that requires a huge answer (i.e. "How do I make a site?")
-You forgot to set your spam filter to allow emails coming from 2yr.net

I try to reply to all emails within a week. If I don't reply after 2 weeks, then I am probably never going to. The longer your email message and the more questions you ask, the longer it will take me to reply. I don't guarantee a reply, but I do try to reply to most emails I get. Personally I think ignoring people via email is very rude, so I do my best to reply to all emails (except the kind of emails that I specified above). However I do guarantee that I will read your email message. I assure you that if I did not reply to your email, it was for a good reason and NOT just because I didn't feel like it or because I was too lazy. I don't ever let my email accumulate and get deleted either. However, please take note that email can be unreliable, and due to this I may not receive all of your messages.

A special note about the YoshiArt.com Art Gallery: If you would like a gallery for your artwork, please be aware that only members of the YoshiArt Forums can recieve one. You can send a request through the link below, provding that you meet the requirements and send the right info, as detailed on this page: The Gallery System.

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